I’ll introduce myself in a bit.

But first, let’s talk about you.

You are probably asking yourself right now is, “What makes this blog different from the other personal finance resources out there, and why should I read it?”And the most appropriate answer that I have crafted to this is also the easiest: since I am not being paid by a publicly traded company according to what I write, my advice can remain objective.

We talk about interesting topics such as investing, travel, lifestyle design, financial independence, and any other topic that jumps into this curiosity playground. We swap stories and ideas about real estate, entrepreneurship, productivity, personal development and a philosophy of money.

And if you’d like to meet me — Kathryn Ross, the writer and founder of learnmoneystrategy.com

My goals for starting a blog is because I want to share tips on how to live frugally, save money, and even make money on the side in their free time. Moreover, this blog would be an interactive forum for everyone to voice out their ideas or opinions to help each other achieve our financial dreams!

And lastly, I enjoy writing and sharing what I know about finance in order to help others. This also provides motivation for me to keep my financial knowledge fresh!